Public Works

Department Responsibilities

The Department of Public Works ensures the safety and welfare of our community through maintenance of city streets, storm water drainage, various public properties and public health issues.

The department maintains over 100 miles of public streets and employees 18 people including office personnel, crew leaders, laborers, equipment operators & inmate supervisors.

Department duties include but are not limited to:

  • Concrete street repairs
  • Potholes
  • Asphalt maintenance
  • Repairing curbs and gutters
  • Re-establishing ditch grades
  • Erosion control on drainage ditches
  • Storm drain failure repairs
  • R.O.W. Trimming
  • Cutting and cleaning of streets
  • Litter Pick-up on right-of- way

Contacting Public Works

 Individuals contacting the Department of Public Works are asked to identify themselves, who they are calling in reference to, and the nature of their call. Work orders will be produced once that information has been obtained. Work orders are completed in the order, in which they are received, with emergency work orders being completed first. 

Permit Request Applications

*811 Locates are required for each utility permit request. See following link for more information.

Request your utility or contractor's permit by following the steps:

1. Visit the Talk to My City website

2. Enter agency code: Nat01

3. Create login account

4. Complete permit request application